Common Ojai Events That Require a Portable Restroom Rental

portable restroom rental, portable toiletAre you organizing an outdoor social gathering of any kind in Ojai? Regardless of the number of people you plan to host, you should strongly consider a portable restroom rental. A portable restroom rental company can provide the necessary toilet facilities, no matter what your unique needs are. The following are the most common kinds of events that would require a portable restroom rental.


Guest comfort is an important consideration when planning a wedding in Ojai. A portable restroom can help ensure consistent access to clean and luxurious toilet facilities throughout your big day. In fact, some units are even equipped with the lighting and mirrors needed for a last-minute bridal makeup check!

Film and Television Sets

A film and television set in Ojai often has to support hundreds of different people on any given day. Keeping the area clean and comfortable can be difficult, especially if the sanitary facilities provided are insufficient. A strategically placed portable restroom rental, however, can keep the area tidy and help ensure key personnel are available when you need them most. Continue Reading →

Finding Affordable Ventura Portable Bathroom Rentals

Dwell Model

Dwell Model

Are you looking for affordable Ventura portable restroom rentals? Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding or a different type of special event, it’s important to secure utilities that fit both your needs and budget. Locating an affordable solution can be difficult. This is especially true when you need various facility amenities, such as good lighting, full-sized mirrors, hands-free flushing and stereo speakers. You don’t have to break the bank in order to offer your guests nice facilities, however. The following tips will help you find Ventura portable toilet rentals that are both luxurious and affordable.

1. Know What Companies Typically Charge

You can find the average cost of Ventura portable restroom rentals online. Having this number in mind can help you better plan your budget. It will also help you spot options that are overpriced. Continue Reading →