Portal Restroom Rental Tips for Weddings in North Hollywood

portable restroom rental, luxury toiletAre you looking for luxury toilet facilities for an upcoming wedding in North Hollywood, California? Finding the right portable restroom rental company is important. Of course, you want your event to be perfect, without toilet facility placement or appearance detracting from the overall aesthetic. Guest comfort is also a top priority. To ensure that your toilet rental satisfies all of your needs, proper planning is essential. Keep the following tips in mind as you finalize plans with your portable restroom rental company.

Know Your Numbers

It’s important to confirm your anticipated attendance numbers before signing a portable restroom rental agreement. As a general rule, plan to have one restroom for every 25 guests present. If you expect over 250 guests, more facilities will be necessary.

Don’t Forgo Luxury

This is a big event, so don’t assume standard portable restrooms will be satisfactory. You and your guests will be wearing suits and dresses. This type of attire requires a certain level of luxury. Consider renting higher end units that complement the setting.

Customize Restrooms

Additionally, customizing the spaces is a nice touch. Your portal restroom rental company will not mind if you spruce the facilities up a bit. Consider adding a toiletry basket, photos or hanging lights.

Ready to Discuss Your Portal Restroom Rental in North Hollywood?

Are you ready to discuss your upcoming portable restroom rental in North Hollywood, California? Now that you’re more familiar with the process, it’s time to discuss options with a professional. The pros at Poop. There It Is! have offered wedding, special event and film set rentals for years. We’ll be happy to provide information on available features to suit your specific needs. Our highly-trained specialists have a reputation for providing expert advice, quality products and excellent customer care on every job. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a consultation.

Portable Restroom Rental Services in North Hollywood

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What to Expect from Portable Restroom Rentals in Hollywood

portable restroom rentals, toilet facilities, portable restroomAre you in charge of securing toilet facilities for a wedding or special event in Hollywood, California? If you’ve never had to coordinate portable restroom rentals before, you may be unsure of the process. Fortunately, securing the needed facilities can be quite easy. The following information will help you to know what to expect.

Before the Event

After you’ve selected a portable restroom rental company, it’s time to discuss the specifics of your event. A professional can help you determine which luxury trailer(s) suit your unique needs best. All you need to do after making your selection is provide a delivery date and time. Your unit will arrive cleaned and ready for your event.

During the Event

Because all portable restroom rentals are delivered in good condition, there will be very little you need to do with them during your event. For weekend-long or multi-week events, you can make arrangements to have your portable restrooms cleaned and pumped as necessary. Continue Reading →

Ideal Features for Portable Restrooms for Film Sets in Los Angeles

film and television portable toiletsAre you in charge of securing the toilet facilities for film sets in Los Angeles, California? It’s important to find the right portable restrooms for your film or television show. You and all of the individuals involved will need access to reliable toilet facilities throughout the filming process. In situations like this, standard units simply won’t do. The following features are ideal for restrooms used on a film set.

Air Conditioning

It’s important that you select a portable restroom rental company that offers units with air conditioning and/or heating. Depending on the time of year, your specific needs will vary. In either case, these amenities ensure the comfort of everyone involved.

Running Water and Touchless Sinks

No one has time to get sick when working on a film or television show. To ensure the health of everyone, select portable restrooms that have touchless sinks and running water. Continue Reading →

Ideal Features for Portable Restrooms at Weddings in Santa Barbara

wedding portable restrooms, wedding restrooms, luxury restroomsAre you organizing an outdoor wedding in Santa Barbara, California? It’s important to find the right portable restrooms for your big event. After all, you and all of your guests will need easy access to facilities throughout the day. While standard models will do, they are not appropriate for weddings. Ensure your rentals have the following luxury features before placing your order.

Large, Comfortable Stalls

It’s important that you select a portable restroom rental company that offers luxury models with large, comfortable stalls. You, your wedding party and your guests will be wearing formal attire. The bride, in particular, will need a lot of space in order to maneuver appropriately. Continue Reading →

Renting Portable Toilets that Fit Your Budget in Tujunga

Dwell Model

Dwell Model

Are you organizing an outdoor special event or wedding in Tujunga, California? Or maybe you need bathroom facilities for a film set? It’s important to be able to rent portable toilets that are high quality and fit your budget. Finding balance between these two factors can be difficult. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure you secure the facilities you need at a rate you can afford.

Research Local Averages

The first thing you should do when looking for a portable restroom rental company is to check the local average cost. Every region is different, so make sure you research your specific area. Knowing the local average when you need to rent portable toilets can help you set a realistic budget for your event.

Speak with Multiple Suppliers

Plan to speak with multiple suppliers before selecting portable restrooms for your event. Asking for quotes from several companies will ensure that you receive ample information to make your decision. Meeting with more than one professional will also give insight into customer service practices.

Consider Options Holistically

The cost of renting portable toilets shouldn’t be the only factor you’re interested in. Sometimes it’s worth paying more for quality facilities. Make sure you consider every option holistically before making your final decision.

Looking for Portable Toilet Rentals in Tujunga?

Do you need to rent portable toilets in Tujunga? Now that you know how to find restrooms to fit your budget, it’s time to speak with a professional about your upcoming event. Contact Poop. There It Is! to schedule a free consultation today! We’ve served the Tujunga community for years. Our highly-trained specialists consistently provide expert advice, quality products and unbeatable customer care. With years of experience in the industry, you can trust that we have the knowledge and skills necessary to help you select the perfect portable solution for your budget.

Budget-Friendly Portable Toilet Rentals in Tujunga

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Ask These Questions About Portable Toilet Rental in Oxnard

portable toilet rentalAre you organizing an outdoor special event or wedding in Oxnard, California? Do you need to secure bathroom facilities for a film set? It’s important to find a reliable company that offers high end portable toilet rentals. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to turn. The best way to decide is to spend time speaking with representatives from each company. Most will offer free consultations. Take advantage of this time to ask any and all of the questions you can think of. Start by making the following inquiries about the rental of portable toilets.

How much experience do you have?

You’ll want to pick a portable toilet rental company that’s been in the business for a while. While a newer business may charge less, it’s always better to work with an experienced professional. Continue Reading →

Common Ojai Events That Require a Portable Restroom Rental

portable restroom rental, portable toiletAre you organizing an outdoor social gathering of any kind in Ojai? Regardless of the number of people you plan to host, you should strongly consider a portable restroom rental. A portable restroom rental company can provide the necessary toilet facilities, no matter what your unique needs are. The following are the most common kinds of events that would require a portable restroom rental.


Guest comfort is an important consideration when planning a wedding in Ojai. A portable restroom can help ensure consistent access to clean and luxurious toilet facilities throughout your big day. In fact, some units are even equipped with the lighting and mirrors needed for a last-minute bridal makeup check!

Film and Television Sets

A film and television set in Ojai often has to support hundreds of different people on any given day. Keeping the area clean and comfortable can be difficult, especially if the sanitary facilities provided are insufficient. A strategically placed portable restroom rental, however, can keep the area tidy and help ensure key personnel are available when you need them most. Continue Reading →

Finding Affordable Ventura Portable Bathroom Rentals

Dwell Model

Dwell Model

Are you looking for affordable Ventura portable restroom rentals? Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding or a different type of special event, it’s important to secure utilities that fit both your needs and budget. Locating an affordable solution can be difficult. This is especially true when you need various facility amenities, such as good lighting, full-sized mirrors, hands-free flushing and stereo speakers. You don’t have to break the bank in order to offer your guests nice facilities, however. The following tips will help you find Ventura portable toilet rentals that are both luxurious and affordable.

1. Know What Companies Typically Charge

You can find the average cost of Ventura portable restroom rentals online. Having this number in mind can help you better plan your budget. It will also help you spot options that are overpriced. Continue Reading →