Ideal Features for Portable Restrooms at Your Wedding in Santa Barbara

portable restrooms for wedding santa barbaraAre you organizing an outdoor wedding in Santa Barbara? It’s important to find the right portable restrooms for your big event. After all, you and all of your guests will need easy access to facilities throughout the day. While standard models will do for many events, they aren’t appropriate for weddings. Ensure the portable restrooms you rent for your wedding have the following luxury features before placing your order.

Large, Comfortable Stalls

It’s important that you select a portable restroom rental company that offers luxury models with large, comfortable stalls. You, your wedding party and your guests will be wearing formal attire. The bride, in particular, will need a lot of space in order to maneuver appropriately.

Solar Power

You’ll also want portable restrooms with good lighting for your special event, especially if the festivities will run into the evening. The best options will be solar powered, so you don’t have to worry about generators or long extension cords that will get in the way.

Full-Sized Mirrors

Many people will need access to mirrors. This should be a key feature you look for when picking luxury portable restrooms. Many rental companies will have model options that can accommodate the wide variety of needs wedding party and guests present throughout the day and evening.

Need Portable Restrooms for a Wedding in Santa Barbara?

If you love the features mentioned above, then it’s time to contact Poop. There It Is! We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific event needs today! Our highly-trained specialists have served the Santa Barbara area for many years and always provide expert advice, quality products and unbeatable customer care. When you rent with us, we’ll go to great lengths to ensure you have the perfect portable solution for your event. We also offer film set rentals.

First-Class Portable Restrooms for Your Wedding in Santa Barbara

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