Portable Restroom Rental Tips for Hollywood

portable restroom rental hollywood Planning a wedding, work event or retirement party in Hollywood can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. If the event will take place outside, you’ve got the added burden of planning portable restroom rental. These tips can help you find a rental that meets your standards.

Rent Enough Units

Above all else, you want to have enough restrooms available for guests. Long lines detract from the event and will cause cleanliness to quickly deteriorate. Ideally, your restroom rental agreement should include at least one unit for every 50 people in attendance. More, however, is always better when attendance is uncertain.

Consider Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of portable restrooms matters. Old, mismatched units can detract from your event’s aesthetic. Make sure the company you choose has plenty of new rentals available and always tour them in person. 

Offer a VIP Experience

Larger events with VIP guests may require a more diverse restroom rental agreement. There are numerous high-end features to choose from in luxury units. You can choose multiple facility options to suit your event’s specific needs. 

Need to Finalize a Portable Restroom Rental in Hollywood?

A representative at Poop. There It Is! is available to answer questions and review possible rental selections. Whatever your event details may be, we’ll help you find the perfect portable solution. With a wide variety of models to choose from, our company regularly provides restrooms for weddings, other special events and film sets. Trust our experienced specialists to have the knowledge and skills to address your needs quickly and efficiently. Contact us with questions or to schedule a consultation. 

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