Portal Restroom Rental Tips for Weddings in North Hollywood

portable restroom rental, luxury toiletAre you looking for luxury toilet facilities for an upcoming wedding in North Hollywood, California? Finding the right portable restroom rental company is important. Of course, you want your event to be perfect, without toilet facility placement or appearance detracting from the overall aesthetic. Guest comfort is also a top priority. To ensure that your toilet rental satisfies all of your needs, proper planning is essential. Keep the following tips in mind as you finalize plans with your portable restroom rental company.

Know Your Numbers

It’s important to confirm your anticipated attendance numbers before signing a portable restroom rental agreement. As a general rule, plan to have one restroom for every 25 guests present. If you expect over 250 guests, more facilities will be necessary.

Don’t Forgo Luxury

This is a big event, so don’t assume standard portable restrooms will be satisfactory. You and your guests will be wearing suits and dresses. This type of attire requires a certain level of luxury. Consider renting higher end units that complement the setting.

Customize Restrooms

Additionally, customizing the spaces is a nice touch. Your portal restroom rental company will not mind if you spruce the facilities up a bit. Consider adding a toiletry basket, photos or hanging lights.

Ready to Discuss Your Portal Restroom Rental in North Hollywood?

Are you ready to discuss your upcoming portable restroom rental in North Hollywood, California? Now that you’re more familiar with the process, it’s time to discuss options with a professional. The pros at Poop. There It Is! have offered wedding, special event and film set rentals for years. We’ll be happy to provide information on available features to suit your specific needs. Our highly-trained specialists have a reputation for providing expert advice, quality products and excellent customer care on every job. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a consultation.

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